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10/21/2015 | 梦径_DreamKeeper | 梦径記者
08/23/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

EClub is honored to have Alex Wang, founder of 8D World and past President of NECINA, join us at our August meetup in Woburn on August 14th.

06/23/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

Eight E Club members participated in Business Showcase at the Annual Meeting on June 13, 2015. Business Showcase is an occasion for participants of NECINA’s entrepreneurial programs (E Club, NEW...

05/15/2015 | 世界新闻网 | 記者唐嘉麗
麻州倍得福高中 (Bedford High School) 应届毕业生宁若兰 (Andrea Ning),日前获得全美高中生最高荣誉“总统学者奖” (US Presidential Scholar Award)。全美仅有141名学生获此殊荣,宁若兰为麻州三名得主之一,也是该州唯一获选的华生。
05/10/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

E Club members met at Boston Web Power’s office in Woburn on May 1, 2015. All four co-founders were present. E Club member Xiaoyan Huang shared their start up story.

05/01/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University held their Boston Technopreneurship Forum at Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge on April 28, 2015.

03/28/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

At E Club’s recent meetup held on March 27, 2015 at Reservoir Place in Waltham, member Marc Jin shared his experience as a business co-founder of Innopad, a manufacturer of polishing pads which...

02/03/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

E Club members participated in a job fair held in conjunction with the Annual NECINA Career Conference on January 31, 2015.

01/28/2015 | Necina | E-Club Team

EventDove founder and CEO June Chang shared her business experience with E Club members at their monthly meetup held in Waltham on January 23rd, 2015.

12/10/2014 | Necina | E-Club Team

E Club member company, Hoyos Labs, launched 1U™, a mobile app that lets you replace the need for passwords, pins and tokens with your biometric (face, periocular, fingerprint and visible iris)...